Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Counter Catching Challenge

On Tuesday Morning ,
Just after reading our SSR books (Sustained Silent Reading books) Room 10 Literacy Class was called to there mat. Miss West then said “ Ok class , today for writing we are going to do The Coin Flipping  Challenge “ everyone gasped in excitement but some were a bit confused. Miss West then gave everyone in the class the instructions of how to do it.”So first you put your arm as if you were about to lick your elbow and you put the counter on your elbow and using the same hand you have to catch the counter and as soon as you do you raise your hand to get another counter“ Miss West said.  

Paragraph: 2

Room 10 all lined up at the door ready to go out to the court’s. As soon as we did get to the court’s Miss West told everyone to get into a big circle everyone all got one counter each, I was next to two girls named Chance and Mamarei. On my first try I failed but on my 4th I got it , I then put my hand up to get a another counter Miss West then gave me another and as soon as I got it some of the boys & girls were already up to their 5th counter. At the very end I got eight counter’s in total and I was so close in getting my 9th counter.


I really liked doing the Counter Flipping Challenge because it was really fun.