Friday, 17 August 2018

The Great, Big Rubbish Clean Up

WALT: Structure a recount

Do you think that there is any fun activity that includes rubbish? Well today we did a interesting activity, that was fun and boring at the same time. Read more to find out what kind of activity it was.

Room 7 got told we were going to pick up rubbish and I thought that sounds cool but boring because we are doing something good for the environment, and the cool part is that we will be doing it with our friends. So we all got our shoes on and sat down in the porch (in front of the classroom). We walked down to the reserve and got into our groups for picking up rubbish, we all got into groups of six or seven. In my group was Jahzara,Pisirina,Levonah,Leilani,Marika and me. Mr Goodwin told us that the group with the most rubbish will get 10 minutes of Cool Maths Games. He gave us our rubbish bags and some instructions.

He blew his whistle and everyone went racing off to try pick up as many rubbish as possible. I tried putting in moss but sadly I couldn’t put it in i got caught. I also got caught for laughing too loud at the joke Zaeeda made, Zaeeda said “ There’s a rubbish bin right there can’t we use the rubbish bag there“ I laughed as she said that. We picked up rubbish from three different locations, the first location was down at the reserve the second one was further down the reserve and our last location was the school field. As we all picked up rubbish I found a pair of white and blue jandals on the park. I asked if I could put it in but of course I couldn’t, my friends were laughing because of how many things I had picked up (I picked up a sock, a black slip-on shoe)

Everyone got called into lines in front of the library my group was in the last line. Mr Goodwin told us how the winner was going to be decided he said “ So everyone the winner will be decided by two things. The first you will be judged on will be how full your rubbish bag looks, The second thing is the judge has to look into your rubbish bag and if it looked like it had the right rubbish in it then you would win” he said. He announced that the judge would be Miss Haare she was shocked and everyone cheered “ Yay “. She looked into the first lines bag it looked full and had the right rubbish inside so did the second line and third but when it came to the fourth line they had bark inside that was not allowed. Our rubbish bag was good the judge said. We didn't win but Chance's group won.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience because it was fun and we were doing something good for the environment. I think that we did a good job cleaning up the reserve and the school field, I think that we should do this more because it is important to keep our land tidy. I recommend doing this activity although it includes rubbish it will help the way your place looks. Do you think you could make this activity a bit more fun or challenging?

Task Description: In this task I had to write a recount about picking up rubbish down at the reserve and on our very own school field. This recount had 5 paragraphs and Hope you like my recount, please leave comments below.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Edens Family of Facts 7: Bronze Medal

WALT:Solve problems with multiple elements

Task Description: In this task I had to use my timetables and division. This task is similar than my other bronze medal task about family of facts. Hope you enjoy my presentation about family of facts and please leave comments below.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

My Family of Facts 6: Bronze Medal

WALT: Solve problems with multiple elements

Task Description: In this task I had to use two strategies. The first one was multiplication, the next one was division. Hope you enjoy my presentation about family of facts.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Edens Exercise Wise

WALT:Find Relevant Information In The Text

Task Description: In this task I had to figure out what kind of exercise that makes me fit,stronger and flexible. We had to find the 3 things we do in our life that makes us more fit, stronger and flexible. Hope you enjoy.