Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Human Body

Unfortunately Whaea Kelly (Our Teacher) is not here but we have Mr Nayle instead. After lunch we did a biology test. Look below to see the questions and answers.👇👇👇

1.What is the proper name for the funny bone?
ANSWER : Humerus

2. What is the smallest bone in the body? Where is it?
Answer : The smallest bone in your body is called "Stapes" it is in the ear. And it is less than three millimetres long.

3. How long are your intestines?
Answer :8 Metres

4. How many teeth does the average person have?
Answer : 32

5. How many bones, ligaments and muscles are in your foot?
Answer : There are 26 Bones,120 Ligaments & 20 Muscles

6. How much of your brain is actually water?
Answer : Three quarters of your brain is water.

Answer : 600 Muscles are in your body and when you laugh that is when you use the most muscles more then any other activity.

8. How many times do you breath in one year?

9. How many hairs are on your head?
Answer : 120,000 On your head and lose about 50 a day.

10. How many times do you blink in one minute?
Answer : 25 Times a minute. So you basically have your eyes closed half of the day.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Watching The Avengers : Endgame

Image result for the avengers endgameAs the holidays are coming to an end and we will need to get back to school soon my family needed to go see the new Avengers movie.Fortunately we got to see the movie a day after it was out in the cinemas. We invited my cousin Alosina over to our house to come watch the movie. He played and then we began to prepare to go to the movies. But before we went we couldn't go on an empty stomach so we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant near by, then made our way to the cinemas. I don't want to spoil anything so all I will say is that this movie probably will answer your questions to the movie Infinity War.Another thing I would say about the movie that hopefully doesn't spoil it for you would be that my favourite super-hero in the movie would be Captain Marvel that's all I'm gonna say. The cinema we went to was the one in the city the same place where the first screenings were according to the news. So if your a fan of all things Marvel then I definitely recommend this amazing movie to you.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Week 4 Maths - Math Wars

Identify the relationship between numbers

Task Description:
In this slides I identify the relationship between two numbers. For example if I see this 5 and 25 then I will know there conected because 5x5=25.In these slides I also explain what some symbols in math are. Thank You

Monday, 15 April 2019

Room 4 Maths Cultures Data

WALT:Extract Information From A Range Of Graphs

Task Description:
This week we are learning anout Statistics.We are especially looking at many different graphs.I used this pie graph because we are using percentages.This data is not fake there are a total of 32 but Mrs Stone couldn't or else there would be too many maori's in the graph.Please Enjoy The Graph.Thank You.

Maths - Week 3

Apply a range of strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.

Task Description:
In this slides I had to work out problems that used multiplication and division in them.Hope you enjoy your day.

Dinosaur Breakout

We used the alphabet to de-cypher what it says on the image above.
Have you ever played Breakout EDU before?
This is the alphabet that helped us de-cypher the dinosaur code
Og's Family
Today we did a activity with our DMIC groups.In my DMIC group is Zaeeda,Pisirina and Amelia.But I think that Amelia was working with another group. This activity is called Breakout,it is where you go onto a site and there is usually a short story and you have to find clues and put them into a google form which is usually on your left on the screen.Today in the Breakout we had to imagine we were a dinosaur named Og and you have many friends but there on the other side of the mountain.Getting there takes a whole day and right now you don't have the energy for that. But Og's mum says she'll take him only if she finds her necklace.You remembered that your little brother Goo had and dropped it into a box and locked it shut. Goo doesn't know how to talk so it is up to you to figure out how to get that necklace.Here is the link to the Breakout and give it a try.Breakout EDU

Introduction to Room 4 Maths

Work collaboratively to solve problems

Task Description:
This week we are moving into our new maths classes and my teacher is Mrs Stone.In this slides you will see my answers to different questions enjoy.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Edens - The Value Of Traditions

Walt : Express Ideas In Poetry Form

Task Description:
This week for writing we learnt about a form of poetry called "Cinquain" which is pronounced "Sin-cane". If you would like to learn more and get a better understanding look through the slides above. We even got to make our own cinquains, I made 5 two with Ms Tapuke and three by myself.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Getting a visit from: Jason Young,Fiona and Tanielu

Today we were very blessed to have a visit from three special who do amazing things in our communtiy.The three peoples names are 1. Jason Young 2.Fiona Bakulich and 3. Tanielu Telea.

Image result for dysart logo itm
This is the company that Jason works for.

Image result for iron man logo triathlonThe first person we met was a man called Jason Young.He was introduced by Mrs Telea and then did a mihi in maori to talk about his background.He then began to talk to us in english about the special things he does.First he told us that he was a builder at Dysart.But now that he is older he sits at the desk getting quotes for the company. He also told us that he did this triathlon called Iron man where you have to ride a bike for about 180 kilometres (I think) and you have to run for 40 metres. And he did all this alongside Ms Tito, she is a former teacher at pt england and we all love her very much.He said that he did the triathlon at the total time of 16 hours.After that we got the opportunitie to ask him some questions. What the coolest thing about Jason was that he created a program called "Big Buddies" and it is where he helps boys with no fathers or no male role models to look up to. He said that he was raised by only his mother.He is also a close friend to Ray Tele'a ( Mrs Telea's husband)

Image result for casketeer
This is the tv show she is on.She is the person on the left
The second person we met was Fiona, she is familiar to us because she is Mrs Telea's sister and she is on the T.V show "The Casketeers".She said that she is a Funeral Director at Tipene Funerals. Fiona has one child and he is about 18-19 years of age. She is really funny and I know that because I watch the show.Mrs Telea is older than Fiona by 1 year so they are really close. She went to go study at Wellington and got a diploma in Funeral Directing.She graduating about a month ago.We learnt that she was good at sports like rugby and that she was a really good sprinter. She went to Grey Lynn primary and also went to Mangere College. She loves Mrs Telea's children and treats them as her own. She worked at the hospital and at Work and Income to help support the family.She then got a job at Tipene and is happy.What inspired her to do what she is doing was her parents.Her mum's name is Malua and her dad's Stanley.She was really funny and I enjoyed her visit.

Image result for blues
This is the team that he plays for.
Finally our last visitor, Tanielu. He is a former Pt Englander and is representing Auckland in the Blues team. He was saying to us and he said that what we learn here and now at Pt England is very valueble for when we get older.And also that the friends we make now will stick around until we are old. He said that the college he attended was Saint Kentigerns College. Some questions that were asked was whether he gets nervous talking to the famous people in his team.And another one was which parent he liked the most but we left that question unanswered because his mum was right there. He told us that he was one of the first seniors to be in the block we are today.Hesaid that he enjoyed doing animations and said all the things that the teachers are doing for us now will really help us in the future.

Thank you to the three visitors who shared words of wisdom.They would be very useful in the future.

Game Design : Term 1