Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Daring Decimals

WALT : Convert between fractions, decimals and percentage

Task Description:
This week's work was about converting between fractions, decimals and percentages. I did not do these slides by myself me,Jahzara and Amelia all worked together.

Confidence in Coordinates

WALT : Use grid references and scale & Find the coordinates of translations

Task Description:
This presentation is about coordinates. And is about how I understand what coordinates are and where to locate them when given the coordinates. Also in these slides I have answered translation questions. My most comfortable set of questions would be the transformations because I find those easy.

Coordinate Conundrums

WALT : Identify coordinates and use grid references to give directions
Task Description:
This google slides is about my knowledge of reading maps/ knowing coordinates and some knowledge of statistics.In the first slide it was quite easy because we got to read coordinates and locate where they are. Hope you Enjoy!

Decimal Fractions

WALT: Add and subtract Decimal Fractions

Task Description:
This week our work is about adding and subtracting decimal fractions. I really enjoyed doing this because is was fun to solve. I learnt this week that decimal fractions are connected and that when I see 0.7 I know it means 7/10 because 7 was in the tenths column.

Fractions Finale

WALT : Find Equivalent Fractions 

Task Description:
This presentation is about equivalent and improper fractions. It shows you my work for this week about knowing equivalent. So for example 1/8 is equal to 2/4 quarters because they are the same size. I also add and subtract some improper fractions too.

Fabulous Fractions

WALT: Find Equivalent Fractions

Task Description:
This is my presentation about fractions. It gives you my understanding of equivalent fractions.I learnt that 1/3 is also equal to 2/6 because, 2/6 are the same size as 1/3.

Facile Fractions

WALT: Find fractions of a whole and set
Task Description:
This is my slides about Fractions. This was my work for week 5&6. It gives you my understanding of fractions and how I can explain my explanation of understanding fractions. 

Tantalizing Transformations

WALT : Transform Shapes using reflection, rotation and translation

Task Description:
This is a presentation about Tantalizing Transformations. In the first slide in the top corner you will see a video that Mrs Stone showed us in Room 4 maths to clarify our understanding of translations.

Monday, 1 July 2019

#Plastic Free July Poster

WALT : Write for a specific purpose
Task Description:
This is a poster about Plastic Free July. The purpose of this challenge is to help develop habits that will decrease plastic in our homes and in our houses. This poster gives you my explanation of this challenge. This week Room 2 Literacy are also trying to hop on board with this and we are going to go 3 days without plastics.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Edens-Welcome to Asia

Task Description:
This presentation is about Asia. Here in these slides gives you some information/facts about Asia. In Team 5 each class is given a continent and we have to research about that country. Room 3's chosen country is Asia. In the slides we also had to choose a country and research about it, also to choose a topic associated with that country,continent. I chose Korea but I am mainly focusing on South Korea. My chosen topic is K-Pop because I am passionate about that topic.

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

My Graphic Organizer - Greta Thunberg

WALT: Use a graphic organizer to plan our writing 

Task Description:
This is a graphic organizer. It organizes your thoughts to create a better Biography. This is my graphic organizer about Greta Thunberg. She is inspiring the world to create a better future for the next generations.

Monday, 17 June 2019

My Term 2 Animation

Task Description:
This is my term 2 animation. When you click the green flag it will take you to the world map. When you click the keys 1,2 or 3 it will take you to my three chosen countries. All backdrops I drawed on Hyperstudio. The funnest thing was looking over my finished backdrops. I am really proud of my game. Enjoy!!!

Friday, 14 June 2019

Edens Cybersmart Task

Walt: Be Cybersmart online

Task Description:
In the google slides above our task for Cybersmart learning was to respond to a email formally and with correct punctuation. Whaea Kelly sent us a email to inform us that we have a filing problem. Meaning that we are not labeling our work, not finishing our work and not putting it into the right folder. So we had send a email formally to give some suggestions to fix this problem.

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Edens - Informational Writing Pt 2 Pres

Walt : Vary the start and length of sentences we write

Task Description:
The google slide above gives you a explanation about what we did this week for writing. Informational writing is a form of writing where you right about a topic with reliable and accurate information. What we had to do was create a google doc and in it we would write three things about a country. While we were writing this Ms Tapuke gave us a checklist to improve our writing. First thing is we had to make sure we had a heading then we had 3 subheadings for our 3 topics. We had to make sure we had detailed paragraphs with different lengths and beginnings. 

Pointing In The Right Direction

Going left, right, backwards and forwards unsure if you are on the right track, we put nothing in it but effort and determination.

Today at exactly 9:30am we learnt about compasses and how to use them. Mr Jacobson came in today and he explained to us the wonderful ways of using a compass. We learnt that with compasses there are 3 arrows. The first one is the direction arrow, second is the metal arrow with two coloured arrows red and white, we learnt the red would be where north is. And last but not least there was an arrow which is on top of the metal arrow. We also got to know about the base plate and the rows.

It was now game time and we went out with our compasses and buddies and walked across to the field. We got sent off to different locations and where we got sent there was a sticker which had a letter and coordinates which would lead us to the next clue. We were running here and there up and down and were just constantly getting confused.

The winners in the end were Bethan and Pisi. 2nd was Me and Jahzara and last was Marika.

Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Edens - Informational Writing Part:2

WALT : Vary the start and length of sentences we write

South Korea:

What’s getting more fame by the minute, “Yes you got it” K-Pop has taken over the world with its iconic music videos and adoring K-Pop idols. Group after group there fans keep on increasing internationally. The most viewed youtube video within 24 hours is from the one and only “BLACKPINK” with their song “DDU-DU DDU-DU” that reached up to over 36.2 million views also “Kill This Love” which got a record for the fastest girl-group to reach 40 million views. And it’s not just Korea jamming to there country’s pop music but all across the globe you would find a K-Pop lover near you. Steve Aoki,Dua Lipa and Halsey are some of the very lucky celebs to collab with these talented koreans. 

Kimchi, Ramen and Bulgogi all foods you may or may not have heard of. These traditional foods are what we define as korean cuisine. Vibrant colours, different textures and a new delicious meal to try at home.There is a small town in South Korea called “Sunchang” and they were well known for the red pepper, the red pepper is quite spicy.

Celebrities/K-Pop Idols:
Good looking males and charming females with the voice of an angel. To become a K-Pop idol you would need to become a trainee. Being a trainee would take 2-4 years and have to go vocal,dance and language classes so that they can be better K-Pop idols. After years of work you finally get what you have been working for. K-Pop fans go to great lengths to get as little as a selfie but some go too far. K-Pop groups have fandoms and BTS’s one is called “ARMY” which stand for Adorable Representative M.C for Youth.

Monday, 3 June 2019

Irony Chart - Lamb to the Slaughter

WALT : Identify and evaluate the use of irony in a text

“At that point, Mary Maloney simply walked up behind him and without any pause she swung the big frozen leg of lamb high in the air and brought it down as hard as she could on the back of his head”

Mary’s actions before this point in the story:
Mary is very gentle and she takes care of Patrick while he’s tired from a full days of work. She knows that he is tired so she tries to do many things to please him
Mary’s actions now:
Mary’s actions have changed very very much. She has has gone from nice and gentle to angry and violent.
What actions did you expect?:
I expected that Mary would take the news supportively for her husband. But since she is pregnant she could have explained her feelings in a different way.

“Have some more, Charlie?”
“No. Better not finish it”
“She wants us to finish it.

She said so. Be doing her a favor.
Why do the police think Mary wants them to finish the lamb?:
Because 1st of all they feel sorry for her because her husband. 2nd is because they think she took quite a lot of time on this big,heavy and hard leg of ham
Why does she really wants the police to finish the lamb?:
Because they would be eating the evidence that she killed Patrick Maloney. And because since they are eating the lamb that would make Mary a motive not a allaby
What is ironic about the police eating the lamb?:
Dramatic irony is when us readers know something important that the character/s in the story don’t know about. The irony is dramatic irony. It is because we as the readers know that the lamb would be the only way of finding how Patrick died. And if they just go ahead and eat it then all evidence is gone unless they examine where he was hit but that would be still hard. Because when they find that ham prints they will know they ate the evidence.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Character Map - Mary Maloney

WALT : Identify and evaluate the use of irony in a text

Task Description:
In this google drawing I made a character as part of the create task we are doing this week. You will see that it has Mary Maloney's name big,blue and right in the middle. The dark blue arrows take you to a box about the other characters. In the box I have put down three things: Name,Relationship to Mary and Occupation. This is based on a book our group is reading this week it is called : Lamb to the Slaughter. By Roald Dahl.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Edens - Groundbreaking Graphs

WALT: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:
In the presentation above I showed my understanding of line and stem and leaf graphs. There was a game we played called Bamzooki it helped you if you were a beginner in Range,Mode,Mean and Median.

Zaeeda and Eden's Venn Diagram

Groundbreaking Graphs - Statistics

WALT: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:
This week we had to do these slides and they show you me working out so problems with graphs I am unfamiliar with we used: Line Graph and Stem and Leaf. Out of the two graphs we learned about my favourite one would be the Stem and Leaf because I find it easier to read what it might say on the graph. We also tried out this new game called "BAMZOOKi" and it helps you to learn more about Mean,Median, Mode and Range. SPeaking of those things we also learnt about those this week, I learnt that Median is the number in the middle and that Mode is the number you see twice. Check out my presentation for more information. Bye!!!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

It is a new term of hard work and learning and our topic is I Like your Latitude. We will be learning about Navigation, Compasses, How to read maps and more, is it sort of like doing Orientation. Each Immersion Assembly each team will share with the school what there team will be learning about.

There was something strange about this assembly Mr Jacobson was nowhere to be found.Mr Somerville showed us this cool robot from star wars he was R2-D2 (Instead of blue he was white).Mr Burt and Mr Somerville were talking about how we can get technology to do things. They tried to get the robot to do stuff but nothing really happened until they used a remote then it went forward but almost off the stage.Mrs Telea then suggested to use voice activation and to say kind things to get it to do the things she wanted. It then started squirting out water then it did it to the kids, suddenly out of nowhere a rubbish picker poked Mr Burt when he wasn't looking. The robot is then revealed it is Mr Jacobson. He has been found YAY!!!

Each term each of the teams in our school share videos or plays to show us what there team will be learning about. Team 1's movie was about how bees are dying that is called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). So Team 1 will be learning about why they are dying and how they can prevent them from dying.

Term 2 shared a video about them doing an Easter Egg Hunt. And how when you do a Easter Hunt you have to look Up,Down,Left and Right. They will be doing a lot of fun hunts and more. The video showed Mrs Gaston asking the kids who found chocolate eggs questions she was asking questions like "How did you find the egg" or "Did you look up or down".

Term 3 also shared a video and from my perspective it was about choices and paths because it was like a pick-a-path story. The coolest thing is last year Mr Goodwin did pick-a-paths with us it was really fun, here is the link to my pick-a-path last year The Attack Of The Crocodiles. The video showed a girl who was actually Miss Scanlan, she was walking to school but she found it boring so this sort of fairy popped and made her walk to school more interesting. On the screen there was two arrows one lead her to the beach and the other to the forest she decided to go to the forest. Walking in the forest she saw another two arrows one lead to the beach and the other to the shops. Boom! She popped up walking on the beach and once again the fairy strikes her magic there were two arrows again as per usual one lead to one place and the other to another. So one arrow lead her to the shops and the arrow on the right would lead you to the school playground.

It is now time for Team 4! Team 4's video was about the 5 teachers: Mr Goodwin,Miss Tuia,Miss West,Miss Parrant and lastly Mrs Sio. Mr Goodwin said for the other four teachers to meet him at Pak n Save in Glen Innes. All the teachers came except Mr Goodwin the person who told them to come but here was nowhere to be found the teachers then got a video message from him. He said that they had to find there way back to school without any modern day apps,tools and equipment, they were to use 90's type of navigation gear. They grabbed the gear and tried to find their way to school but they went different directions they then followed Miss West. Now in G.I shopping centre Miss Parrant,Miss Tuia and Mrs Sio thought to stop for some hot chips while Miss west was still trying to figure out how to get back to school. They were now going in circles and were lost until Mrs Sio then began to lead the way using the sky to help her but she just leaded them to Great Tong (Takeaway) to have some crispy chicken. Miss Tuia and Miss Parrant then got them to school "Hooray!!!". But when they saw Mr Goodwin he was happy but they weren't so they took his phone and told him to navigate.SO altogether Team 4 will be learning about Navigation.

Team 5 shared an item where they were a travel agency and Miss Tapuke wanted to go around the world so Mrs Ilaoa showed her the world map and with her magic button she clicked the country she wanted to go and she popped in Paris. Mrs Stone came along speaking french and warmly welcomed her to where she is from. Ms Tapuke then made her way to America and was lucky enough to pop up in Disneyland and out came Mrs Moala (She is actually from America and if you listen to her speak you can hear her American accent). She was also warmly greeted to another new country. For the last time Ms Tapuke clicked on a continent and ended up in the 2nd most popular continent Africa. She was on a safari and touched lions and saw cheetahs. Overall team 5 is learning about the 7 continents of the world.

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

The Human Body

Unfortunately Whaea Kelly (Our Teacher) is not here but we have Mr Nayle instead. After lunch we did a biology test. Look below to see the questions and answers.👇👇👇

1.What is the proper name for the funny bone?
ANSWER : Humerus

2. What is the smallest bone in the body? Where is it?
Answer : The smallest bone in your body is called "Stapes" it is in the ear. And it is less than three millimetres long.

3. How long are your intestines?
Answer :8 Metres

4. How many teeth does the average person have?
Answer : 32

5. How many bones, ligaments and muscles are in your foot?
Answer : There are 26 Bones,120 Ligaments & 20 Muscles

6. How much of your brain is actually water?
Answer : Three quarters of your brain is water.

Answer : 600 Muscles are in your body and when you laugh that is when you use the most muscles more then any other activity.

8. How many times do you breath in one year?

9. How many hairs are on your head?
Answer : 120,000 On your head and lose about 50 a day.

10. How many times do you blink in one minute?
Answer : 25 Times a minute. So you basically have your eyes closed half of the day.

Friday, 26 April 2019

Watching The Avengers : Endgame

Image result for the avengers endgameAs the holidays are coming to an end and we will need to get back to school soon my family needed to go see the new Avengers movie.Fortunately we got to see the movie a day after it was out in the cinemas. We invited my cousin Alosina over to our house to come watch the movie. He played and then we began to prepare to go to the movies. But before we went we couldn't go on an empty stomach so we went to a Vietnamese Restaurant near by, then made our way to the cinemas. I don't want to spoil anything so all I will say is that this movie probably will answer your questions to the movie Infinity War.Another thing I would say about the movie that hopefully doesn't spoil it for you would be that my favourite super-hero in the movie would be Captain Marvel that's all I'm gonna say. The cinema we went to was the one in the city the same place where the first screenings were according to the news. So if your a fan of all things Marvel then I definitely recommend this amazing movie to you.

Tuesday, 16 April 2019

Week 4 Maths - Math Wars

Identify the relationship between numbers

Task Description:
In this slides I identify the relationship between two numbers. For example if I see this 5 and 25 then I will know there conected because 5x5=25.In these slides I also explain what some symbols in math are. Thank You

Monday, 15 April 2019

Room 4 Maths Cultures Data

WALT:Extract Information From A Range Of Graphs

Task Description:
This week we are learning anout Statistics.We are especially looking at many different graphs.I used this pie graph because we are using percentages.This data is not fake there are a total of 32 but Mrs Stone couldn't or else there would be too many maori's in the graph.Please Enjoy The Graph.Thank You.

Maths - Week 3

Apply a range of strategies to solve multiplication and division problems.

Task Description:
In this slides I had to work out problems that used multiplication and division in them.Hope you enjoy your day.

Dinosaur Breakout

We used the alphabet to de-cypher what it says on the image above.
Have you ever played Breakout EDU before?
This is the alphabet that helped us de-cypher the dinosaur code
Og's Family
Today we did a activity with our DMIC groups.In my DMIC group is Zaeeda,Pisirina and Amelia.But I think that Amelia was working with another group. This activity is called Breakout,it is where you go onto a site and there is usually a short story and you have to find clues and put them into a google form which is usually on your left on the screen.Today in the Breakout we had to imagine we were a dinosaur named Og and you have many friends but there on the other side of the mountain.Getting there takes a whole day and right now you don't have the energy for that. But Og's mum says she'll take him only if she finds her necklace.You remembered that your little brother Goo had and dropped it into a box and locked it shut. Goo doesn't know how to talk so it is up to you to figure out how to get that necklace.Here is the link to the Breakout and give it a try.Breakout EDU

Introduction to Room 4 Maths

Work collaboratively to solve problems

Task Description:
This week we are moving into our new maths classes and my teacher is Mrs Stone.In this slides you will see my answers to different questions enjoy.

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Edens - The Value Of Traditions

Walt : Express Ideas In Poetry Form

Task Description:
This week for writing we learnt about a form of poetry called "Cinquain" which is pronounced "Sin-cane". If you would like to learn more and get a better understanding look through the slides above. We even got to make our own cinquains, I made 5 two with Ms Tapuke and three by myself.

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

Getting a visit from: Jason Young,Fiona and Tanielu

Today we were very blessed to have a visit from three special who do amazing things in our communtiy.The three peoples names are 1. Jason Young 2.Fiona Bakulich and 3. Tanielu Telea.

Image result for dysart logo itm
This is the company that Jason works for.

Image result for iron man logo triathlonThe first person we met was a man called Jason Young.He was introduced by Mrs Telea and then did a mihi in maori to talk about his background.He then began to talk to us in english about the special things he does.First he told us that he was a builder at Dysart.But now that he is older he sits at the desk getting quotes for the company. He also told us that he did this triathlon called Iron man where you have to ride a bike for about 180 kilometres (I think) and you have to run for 40 metres. And he did all this alongside Ms Tito, she is a former teacher at pt england and we all love her very much.He said that he did the triathlon at the total time of 16 hours.After that we got the opportunitie to ask him some questions. What the coolest thing about Jason was that he created a program called "Big Buddies" and it is where he helps boys with no fathers or no male role models to look up to. He said that he was raised by only his mother.He is also a close friend to Ray Tele'a ( Mrs Telea's husband)

Image result for casketeer
This is the tv show she is on.She is the person on the left
The second person we met was Fiona, she is familiar to us because she is Mrs Telea's sister and she is on the T.V show "The Casketeers".She said that she is a Funeral Director at Tipene Funerals. Fiona has one child and he is about 18-19 years of age. She is really funny and I know that because I watch the show.Mrs Telea is older than Fiona by 1 year so they are really close. She went to go study at Wellington and got a diploma in Funeral Directing.She graduating about a month ago.We learnt that she was good at sports like rugby and that she was a really good sprinter. She went to Grey Lynn primary and also went to Mangere College. She loves Mrs Telea's children and treats them as her own. She worked at the hospital and at Work and Income to help support the family.She then got a job at Tipene and is happy.What inspired her to do what she is doing was her parents.Her mum's name is Malua and her dad's Stanley.She was really funny and I enjoyed her visit.

Image result for blues
This is the team that he plays for.
Finally our last visitor, Tanielu. He is a former Pt Englander and is representing Auckland in the Blues team. He was saying to us and he said that what we learn here and now at Pt England is very valueble for when we get older.And also that the friends we make now will stick around until we are old. He said that the college he attended was Saint Kentigerns College. Some questions that were asked was whether he gets nervous talking to the famous people in his team.And another one was which parent he liked the most but we left that question unanswered because his mum was right there. He told us that he was one of the first seniors to be in the block we are today.Hesaid that he enjoyed doing animations and said all the things that the teachers are doing for us now will really help us in the future.

Thank you to the three visitors who shared words of wisdom.They would be very useful in the future.

Game Design : Term 1

Friday, 29 March 2019

Attitude Talks with Jannah

Today we had a visit by a  lady from Attitude her name is Jannah.Before we even started we got to talk with her as we were sitting down. The year 8's were catching up with her because sh came and talked to them last year. She seemed really positive and like her positivity would spread across the whole building.She told us a bit about herself we learnt that her name is Arabic and that it means "Gracious Gift".She shared a few funny stories that got my mouth and cheeks sore.She explained to us the different types of friendships there are like Girl girl friendships,Guy guy friendships and Girl guy friendships.We were told what not to do in friendships and that girls are such good friends because we talk alot like alot alot. We learnt 6 key tips in friendship they are to 1. Be Friendly 2.Be Positive 3.Be Yourself 4.Don't Be Shy 5.Don't show off 6. Remember the special events (Birthdays etc)

Friday, 8 March 2019

About Margaret Mahy

WALT:Research and reading

Task Description:
In this task I had to reserach about Margaret Mahy her last name is the name of my reading group.I learned about where she was born and where she passed away.I also learned that she was a talented swimmer in high school.Her mum was a teacher and her dad was a bridge builder.

Thursday, 7 March 2019

What We Would Do If We Were The Literacy Teacher For The Day

WALT:Brainstorming ideas creatively from a teachers point of view

Task Description:
In this slides me and Jahzara brainstormed on wht we might do if we were given the roll of the literacy teacher for the day.We came up with ideas like Break and Escape to build the kids teamwork skills and the Museum to learn about back in the olden days.

Monday, 4 March 2019

Making Predictions - Lighthouse Blues By Paul Jennings

WALT: We are learning to work collaboratively as we carry out various reading tasks
Task Description:
Today Mrs Telea read to us a short story book from Paul Jennings Unreal!.The story is call Lighthouse Blues Mrs Telea read to us about two or three chapters and then we had to make a prediction of what would happen next.After that we were told to get with a buddy a review each others work.I was with Amelia,once we were done we put comments in each others presentations.Please Enjoy!! 

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Games and Learning

This is a blogpost about games. 

My favourite games (digital and non-digital) are:

*Speed(Physical\Card Game)
*Awesome Tanks 2(Digital)
*Graveyard (Physical\card Game)
*Snap (Physical\Card Game)

The reason/s why I enjoy playing these games are:

*The reason why I like 2048 is because it really gets my mind thinking and because it is a challenge to try by the highest score.
*I like speed because when you flip the 2 cards at the beginning I really get excited to start putting down cards.What I find challenging is recognising the cards quickly so that is what I would like to work on
*I enjoy playing Awesome Tanks 2 because I like beating the other tanks\opponents
*I really like playing Graveyard because you really need to be careful about what cards you put down and favourite part of Graveyard is when you have the last 3 cards facing the floor.When you flip you really test your luck
*Like Speed I like playing Snap because its just about recognising the same cards and snapping them as soon as you see 2 of the same pair

Learning could be made much more fun and interesting if it included these elements of a game:
*Obstacles like the floor is lava

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

All About Me

Walt:Draw about four very important things

Task Description:
In this picture are the 4 things I find important in my life so i will explain why they are important to me.First off in the top left corner is my church Tamaki P.I.P.C which means Pacific Islanders Presbyterian Church.Also in the top left corner is a cross and a bible representing Sunday School because Sunday School is where I learn most about the lord.In the top right corner is also very important to me because it is a samoan flag and Samoa is my culture, alongside the flag are 2 samoan patterns.On the bottom right I put down the words "Family Forever" because my family is a very special part of my life so that is the reason I put down family in my visual mihi.Last but not least in the bottom right corneris a image that says “Music”.The reason why I put down music is because in church we sing anout thenlord and in school we sing maori waiatas so I do quite alot of music each day so that is why I put music down.

Friday, 15 February 2019

1st Week Of School For 2019

This year I am a year 7 and am in Room 3 with Mrs Tele'a for Home-Class,Literacy and for Maths I am in Mrs Stone's Maths class.This week is our first week back at school and we all are extremely excited.On the first day after assembly we got a welcome from the new year 8's they did a waiata (song) and one of the prefects did a karakia (prayer) next we were introduced to the team 5 teachers.We got to find about there backgrounds and what they enjoy to do ,then we got a few notices and rules about how the team 5 block works.Next we were sent off to our Home-Classes to do the roll, during the whole day we began to do a plan for our visual mihi art.Throughout the week we got to spend some time with our literacy and maths teacher.
Thank you for reading my view of the first week of school

Saturday, 12 January 2019

SLJ W1 Activty 1 : Fantastic Beasts

Day 3 : Awesome Animals
This is my fantastic beast it is a wolf with gazelle horns and a fin and fish gills.I hope you like it please leave a comment down below.

Monday, 7 January 2019

SLJ W1 Activity 2 : Fabulous Ferns

Day 2 : Forest Life
Here Are The Top 3 New Zealand Sports Teams That Have The Word "Fern" In Them:

Silver Ferns Uniform

1. Silver Ferns (New Zealand National Netball Team)

Black Ferns

2. Black Ferns (New Zealand Women's National Rugby Union Team)

Tall Ferns

3. Tall Ferns (New Zealand Women's National Basketball Team)

The reason why I choose these 3 teams are because they are all women teams representing our country and I think that they are doing well in doing that.Like the Black Ferns they have won five out of six of the Womens Rugby World Cups.The Silver Ferns have won the World Cup four times and have won the netball title twice at the Commonwealth Games.And also the Tall Ferns the beat Japan to win the William Jones Cup.

Out of these 3 teams my favourite one would be the Black Ferns because in 2017 I was lucky enough to go to Manukau Events Center to meet the Black Ferns.They were just so cool and I got to meet the Captain Fiao'o Fa'amausili it was just such a cool experience

SLJ W1 Activity 1 - Giant Among Us

Day 2 : Forest Life

Would you like to visit the Tane Mahuta one day?

I would like to visit the Tane Mahuta one day beacause why not I mean it is endemic to our country here in New Zealand meaning that you can only find it here and that it is native to NZ.Another reason why I would like to visit the Tane Mahuta is because it is the biggest living kauri tree in the country and is found in the Waipoua Forest in the northland.Kauri trees are mainly found in The Corramandel,Auckland and Northland.

SLJ W1 Activity 3 - Ice , Ice Baby

Day 1 : In The Beginning...

Task Description:
In this google drawing I saidhow you can leave a positive and smart footprint online.By sayng king and not negative things.Also by representing yourself well online.

SLJ W1 Activity 2 - North And South

Day 1 : In The Beginning...
Task Description:
In this presentation I shared what I love about my hometown and why I think it is just amazing.Please leave a comment down below.Thank You

SLJ W1 Activity 1 - The Legend Of New Zealand

Day 1 : In The Beginning...

Top 3 Fun Facts About New Zealand

1.In New Zealand to become a official citizen you have to swear a oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth

2.In Auckland there is a very tall building called the Auckland City Sky Tower, it is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere with nothing supporting it or attached to it.It is standing at 328 meters high

3.Gisborne is a city in the north island of new zealand it is the first city in the world to see the sunrise beacause it is only 496.3 kilometers away from the international date line