Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

ABC autobiography


Yesterday on the 19th of November the whole of team 3 went on an extraordinary Adventure to the Museum. We played a game called fossil or not. After we played Fossil or not we had to learn about a T-Rex there were  three objects that we had to study.  There were three groups out of the whole class. Did you know that Nahea is the same size as a T-Rex head. Each group got an Object. We learnt about what a paleontologist. What do paleontologist do they find a hill with hard light brown stones then they get a brush and starts to sweep the dirt and then they have to gently pull  out a

Fossil. Delilah 

Maniakalni Film Festival

On Wednesday our whole class went on an Adventure to Sylvia Park. The whole school went on busses the presenters went in cars because cars are faster than busses. When we got into the Bus we started to sing silly songs. The girls played hand games while the boys sang songs. While we stopped at the  pedestrian everybody started to have a little conversation. When we got to Sylvia Park the bus parked in the parking area when the doors opened he from the Bus. We had to walk out of the Bus and line up.

When we walked into the theatre I saw hundreds of chairs. I was so excited when I sat on the red comfy chairs. The chair's felt like a comfy Bouncy castle. The screen was as tall as a pteranodon  flying.

We watched movies made by our school on the big screen. Our school was very proud of each other. We worked very Hard