Friday, 23 February 2018

I have a new friend a egg friend

I have just had a crazy eggsperience. I have just made a little friend , a “egg friend” . Have you ever had a little egg friend.Mr Goodwin told us to wait on the mat he was reaching for something in the cupboard we all were confused. He pulled a few boxes of eggs , and a few packets of vivids we all were still confused. Mr Goodwin took out an egg and started drawing a face on it with a marker he showed us the face and we all laughed he then asked for a name to name the egg and he choose Marika to pick and she said “ Bob “. After Marika said that the class went crazy we were rolling on the floor laughing ( ROTFL). We lined up outside ready to go on a adventure with our buddy, i held mine with two hands being very careful. We  walked past the seniors and showed our wonderful eggs. As we were walking we cradled our eggs with two hands. At times some people were being very careful with there egg but others didn't care and threw it up and caught without thinking about the risks. “ I wonder what crazy thing Mr Goodwin is going to make us kids do with our egg this time “.We got to the park and we had to get into groups of 4-5 . In my group was Sonnia, Chance, Trinity and of course me . We had to take a photo then after that you got to take your little buddy on a tour throughout the park. Some boys were unlucky and smushed there eggs. But I was being very careful with my little Shelly.I recommend that you should try this wacky activity.

Task Description: In this task Mr Goodwin made Room 7 literacy draw faces on eggs if you want to here more about this weird activity read the story above the text

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Friday, 9 February 2018

What's The time: Bronze Medal

Build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description:
Mr Goodwin told us that after we finished our first presentation based around time we had to collect three more medals which was Bronze, Silver and Gold. Hope you enjoy my Bronze medal presentation

A Normal day in the life of Eden

Build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description: 
In this presentation it shows a normal timetable in the life of me and I got the Bronze Medal