Saturday, 12 January 2019

SLJ W1 Activty 1 : Fantastic Beasts

Day 3 : Awesome Animals
This is my fantastic beast it is a wolf with gazelle horns and a fin and fish gills.I hope you like it please leave a comment down below.

Monday, 7 January 2019

SLJ W1 Activity 2 : Fabulous Ferns

Day 2 : Forest Life
Here Are The Top 3 New Zealand Sports Teams That Have The Word "Fern" In Them:

Silver Ferns Uniform

1. Silver Ferns (New Zealand National Netball Team)

Black Ferns

2. Black Ferns (New Zealand Women's National Rugby Union Team)

Tall Ferns

3. Tall Ferns (New Zealand Women's National Basketball Team)

The reason why I choose these 3 teams are because they are all women teams representing our country and I think that they are doing well in doing that.Like the Black Ferns they have won five out of six of the Womens Rugby World Cups.The Silver Ferns have won the World Cup four times and have won the netball title twice at the Commonwealth Games.And also the Tall Ferns the beat Japan to win the William Jones Cup.

Out of these 3 teams my favourite one would be the Black Ferns because in 2017 I was lucky enough to go to Manukau Events Center to meet the Black Ferns.They were just so cool and I got to meet the Captain Fiao'o Fa'amausili it was just such a cool experience

SLJ W1 Activity 1 - Giant Among Us

Day 2 : Forest Life

Would you like to visit the Tane Mahuta one day?

I would like to visit the Tane Mahuta one day beacause why not I mean it is endemic to our country here in New Zealand meaning that you can only find it here and that it is native to NZ.Another reason why I would like to visit the Tane Mahuta is because it is the biggest living kauri tree in the country and is found in the Waipoua Forest in the northland.Kauri trees are mainly found in The Corramandel,Auckland and Northland.

SLJ W1 Activity 3 - Ice , Ice Baby

Day 1 : In The Beginning...

Task Description:
In this google drawing I saidhow you can leave a positive and smart footprint online.By sayng king and not negative things.Also by representing yourself well online.

SLJ W1 Activity 2 - North And South

Day 1 : In The Beginning...
Task Description:
In this presentation I shared what I love about my hometown and why I think it is just amazing.Please leave a comment down below.Thank You

SLJ W1 Activity 1 - The Legend Of New Zealand

Day 1 : In The Beginning...

Top 3 Fun Facts About New Zealand

1.In New Zealand to become a official citizen you have to swear a oath of loyalty to Queen Elizabeth

2.In Auckland there is a very tall building called the Auckland City Sky Tower, it is the tallest building in the southern hemisphere with nothing supporting it or attached to it.It is standing at 328 meters high

3.Gisborne is a city in the north island of new zealand it is the first city in the world to see the sunrise beacause it is only 496.3 kilometers away from the international date line