Thursday, 30 May 2019

Character Map - Mary Maloney

WALT : Identify and evaluate the use of irony in a text

Task Description:
In this google drawing I made a character as part of the create task we are doing this week. You will see that it has Mary Maloney's name big,blue and right in the middle. The dark blue arrows take you to a box about the other characters. In the box I have put down three things: Name,Relationship to Mary and Occupation. This is based on a book our group is reading this week it is called : Lamb to the Slaughter. By Roald Dahl.

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Edens - Groundbreaking Graphs

WALT: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:
In the presentation above I showed my understanding of line and stem and leaf graphs. There was a game we played called Bamzooki it helped you if you were a beginner in Range,Mode,Mean and Median.

Zaeeda and Eden's Venn Diagram

Groundbreaking Graphs - Statistics

WALT: Extract information from a range of graphs

Task Description:
This week we had to do these slides and they show you me working out so problems with graphs I am unfamiliar with we used: Line Graph and Stem and Leaf. Out of the two graphs we learned about my favourite one would be the Stem and Leaf because I find it easier to read what it might say on the graph. We also tried out this new game called "BAMZOOKi" and it helps you to learn more about Mean,Median, Mode and Range. SPeaking of those things we also learnt about those this week, I learnt that Median is the number in the middle and that Mode is the number you see twice. Check out my presentation for more information. Bye!!!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Term 2 Immersion Assembly

It is a new term of hard work and learning and our topic is I Like your Latitude. We will be learning about Navigation, Compasses, How to read maps and more, is it sort of like doing Orientation. Each Immersion Assembly each team will share with the school what there team will be learning about.

There was something strange about this assembly Mr Jacobson was nowhere to be found.Mr Somerville showed us this cool robot from star wars he was R2-D2 (Instead of blue he was white).Mr Burt and Mr Somerville were talking about how we can get technology to do things. They tried to get the robot to do stuff but nothing really happened until they used a remote then it went forward but almost off the stage.Mrs Telea then suggested to use voice activation and to say kind things to get it to do the things she wanted. It then started squirting out water then it did it to the kids, suddenly out of nowhere a rubbish picker poked Mr Burt when he wasn't looking. The robot is then revealed it is Mr Jacobson. He has been found YAY!!!

Each term each of the teams in our school share videos or plays to show us what there team will be learning about. Team 1's movie was about how bees are dying that is called CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). So Team 1 will be learning about why they are dying and how they can prevent them from dying.

Term 2 shared a video about them doing an Easter Egg Hunt. And how when you do a Easter Hunt you have to look Up,Down,Left and Right. They will be doing a lot of fun hunts and more. The video showed Mrs Gaston asking the kids who found chocolate eggs questions she was asking questions like "How did you find the egg" or "Did you look up or down".

Term 3 also shared a video and from my perspective it was about choices and paths because it was like a pick-a-path story. The coolest thing is last year Mr Goodwin did pick-a-paths with us it was really fun, here is the link to my pick-a-path last year The Attack Of The Crocodiles. The video showed a girl who was actually Miss Scanlan, she was walking to school but she found it boring so this sort of fairy popped and made her walk to school more interesting. On the screen there was two arrows one lead her to the beach and the other to the forest she decided to go to the forest. Walking in the forest she saw another two arrows one lead to the beach and the other to the shops. Boom! She popped up walking on the beach and once again the fairy strikes her magic there were two arrows again as per usual one lead to one place and the other to another. So one arrow lead her to the shops and the arrow on the right would lead you to the school playground.

It is now time for Team 4! Team 4's video was about the 5 teachers: Mr Goodwin,Miss Tuia,Miss West,Miss Parrant and lastly Mrs Sio. Mr Goodwin said for the other four teachers to meet him at Pak n Save in Glen Innes. All the teachers came except Mr Goodwin the person who told them to come but here was nowhere to be found the teachers then got a video message from him. He said that they had to find there way back to school without any modern day apps,tools and equipment, they were to use 90's type of navigation gear. They grabbed the gear and tried to find their way to school but they went different directions they then followed Miss West. Now in G.I shopping centre Miss Parrant,Miss Tuia and Mrs Sio thought to stop for some hot chips while Miss west was still trying to figure out how to get back to school. They were now going in circles and were lost until Mrs Sio then began to lead the way using the sky to help her but she just leaded them to Great Tong (Takeaway) to have some crispy chicken. Miss Tuia and Miss Parrant then got them to school "Hooray!!!". But when they saw Mr Goodwin he was happy but they weren't so they took his phone and told him to navigate.SO altogether Team 4 will be learning about Navigation.

Team 5 shared an item where they were a travel agency and Miss Tapuke wanted to go around the world so Mrs Ilaoa showed her the world map and with her magic button she clicked the country she wanted to go and she popped in Paris. Mrs Stone came along speaking french and warmly welcomed her to where she is from. Ms Tapuke then made her way to America and was lucky enough to pop up in Disneyland and out came Mrs Moala (She is actually from America and if you listen to her speak you can hear her American accent). She was also warmly greeted to another new country. For the last time Ms Tapuke clicked on a continent and ended up in the 2nd most popular continent Africa. She was on a safari and touched lions and saw cheetahs. Overall team 5 is learning about the 7 continents of the world.