Saturday, 28 July 2018

Edens Immersion Assembly

WALT: Use Exciting Language

Walking to the hall for school assembly everyone is all hype and excited for some reason. Lining up into our in the hall we all wonder where Mr Burt is, Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen started dancing to Beyonce’s song “ Move your Body “. Where do you think Mr Burt is? Read more to find out more about this story.

This term our school theme is “ Move Ya’ Body “. I think that “ Move Ya’ Body “ means to stay healthy and fit, which means we need to stay active. Another thing i think “ Move Ya’ Body means is to stay hydrated and to keep your body moving. Another way to stay healthy is to eat healthy, which means eating the right foods like vegetables and not eating a lot of sugar.

This term team four will be learning about, making fitness fun. The team four movie showed a game that the teachers made up it was called spoon hockey, the person who won was Mrs Sio and Miss Parront lost. But my favourite part of the movie was when Mr Goodwin went for a high five for all the team 4 teachers but they rejected him. I found that hilarious.

This term I would like to learn a bit more about nutrition, and a bit more about having a healthy lifestyle. Another thing that I would like to do is to decrease the amount of time we have on our chromebook. So that we may go outside a bit more and be a bit more active instead of just going outside for morning tea,lunch and Kiwi Sport.The last thing that i hope to learn about is the human body.

Overall I really like this terms theme because we get to learn about all sorts of thing about nutrition and how to be active. Hope you enjoyed my story about the Immersion Assmebly

Edens Healthy Lifestyle

WALT: Find relevant information in the text

Task Description: In this task I had to look at the lifestyle of three different people including me. I had to look and there usual schedule and find out if they are living a healthy lifestyle. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Edens Mini Minutes Term:3

Task Description: In this presentation I had to figure out how much time was needed to get to another time. In the last question I had to figure out how much minutes would it take for the next bell to ring. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Edens What's The Time

Walt: Build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description: In this task I had to tell the time in digital form and in written.