Thursday, 6 December 2018

Term 4 Reflection for Extension

This term was a very fun term.The highlights for this term would be when we did 3D printing with 3D pens,it was so so cool when using the pens.Another I enjoyed was finding out what types of art famous art Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Ruiz Picasso did.The types of art the both did are Post-Impression.One other thing I liked this term was doing Secret Santa,we did secret santa this term and i got Levonah.I got her a packet of M&M’s and the person who got me was Zaeeda she got me a box of roses.This term we also got to watch our movie at the Manaiakalani film festival,our movie was JumanG.I it was about the movie Jumanji but G.I style (Glen Innes style).In the movie I played a teacher back in the day I wore my grandmas close to try look the part.I like this term a lot it has been a lot of fun and hope that I’ll be in Extension next year.

Inquiry Research for Term 4

Task Description:
In this presentation shows you all the research me and the Art historians did.My work was based on on what art famous artist did.My group was the Art Historians with Jahzara,Simon and Madison.We were focusing on the history of art.

Wednesday, 28 November 2018

My Term 1 Respect Animation

WALT: Animate a animation about respecting others

Task Description: 
In this animation I had to animate a animation about how not to respect your peers.My favourite part in doing this animation was drawing the people and the background.The hardest part would be moving all the graphics after one card was done.

Tuesday, 27 November 2018

My Term 4 Cave Art Animation

WALT:Do a animation about Cave men hunting for food in Cave art form

Task Description:
In this animation I had to animate a story about a few men hunting for dinner for there village.The hardest part about doing this animation was that I couldn't be too detailed with the graphics so I tried to make it look as cave art like as possible. The easiest thing in doing this animation would be the voice over because I just spoke into the mic and was finished it was just so easy.Hope you enjoy!!!

Monday, 29 October 2018

Place Value Decimal 2

Walt: Use Add/Sub Strategies To Solve Tricky Decimal Problems.

Task Description:
In this task I had to look at the numbers and write them down in decimal form. It is just like the one I did before but has been changed. Enjoy!!!

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

My Blindfold Expericence

Walt: Write A Proper Recount

Walking into class I was definitely not expecting to be blindfolded. Room 7 was obviously going to be doing a weird task today. I wonder what weird task room 7 will be doing today? Read more to find out more about what we did

The first thing we did was listen to the instructions next we all got into two lines, we had to wait for a while because chance was taking to long in tying her shoelaces. I thought that it was a bit cold, we walked to the field curious about what was gonna happen.

We got to the field and got into buddies, my buddy was Jahzara. We all got a blindfold and were ready to go, Jahzara went first and I had to lead her around the park. I was a bit nervous because I didn’t want to get Jahzara hurt.I first guided Jahzara to these chainy ladder things next was the monkey bars.I had to put my hands on her shoulders to guide her, in the beginning I acted as if I was a GPS but it didn’t last long. When Mr Goodwin said to stop J was on the flying fox.

It was finally my turn and I was a bit excited and nervous at the same time. First I went on the flying fox it felt cool because i could feel the breeze as I was gliding from one end to the other. I went up a ladder and down a pole, I tried to do the monkey bars but I just felt so short. I went walking around and Jahzara told me to say “Hi” to people I have no idea who they were. Eventually i was back to climbing a ladder until Mr Goodwin said “Stop & Listen” because half the class can’t look.I took the blindfold off and I was in front of the chain bridge.

I thought that this was going to be a fun task and it definitely was. I had fun guiding Jahzara and also being guided by Jahzara. Thanks for reading my writing.

Task Description:
In this task Mr Goodwin took Room 7 got to go to the park. We did a blindfold experience it was really fun. We came back to class ready to write. Here is my writing about the experience. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Term 4 Goals and Expectation

Walt:Use correct sentences to help structure our writing.

Term 4 is now begging and we are all back to school. No more sleeping in and late nights, it’s time to get back to work. Read more to find out about my goals, what’s on and what we will be learning.

This term there are a lot going on like the Manaiakalani Film festival at Sylvia park. Another thing that will be going on this term is the year 6 camp to Kawau Island. And on top of all of that this term we have athletics day, prizegiving and of course fun art.

This term since our topic is about art my first goal would be to be more confident in doing art. I enjoy doing art but sometimes struggle to be confident in presenting it. So this term I would like to improve my confidence in art. Another goal of mine for this term would be to be better at doing my animations. When I’m doing my animations I find it hard because I like to perfect every little thing and give everything a lot of detail. That’s why this term i’m aiming to not to be so detailed but to put a lot of effort into my animation.

This term team 4 will be learning about the different types of art, one of the kinds of art I would hope to try this term is calligraphy. Another thing I would like to do this term is to find more about famous artists like Vincent Van Gogh and Picasso. One of the arts that I do sometimes is photography, I take photos when I go on trips. Another type of art I would like to do is Origami it looks really interesting and it would be nice to have a new hobby.

Overall I think that” Te Wa Toi” will be a very exciting and extremely busy term.  I’m excited about year 6 camp and all the fun, I hope to achieve my goal,and I hope that we do different types of art this term. Altogether I am very excited about this busy but short term.

Task Description:
In this writing task we wrote about the new term and the goals, expectations,what's on and our goals. We also learnt how to write a proper conclusion. I really enjoyed this task because now I notice how much things that will be going on this term.

Monday, 15 October 2018

Decimal Place Value: Bronze Medal

WALT: Use add\sub strategies to solve tricky decimal problems.

Task Description: In this task I had to read the numbers on the list and write them down in number form. I got a bit stuck in the begging because i thought i was getting it wrong. But then it turned out to be right, The easiest number to write down was the first one because it was simple. The hardest one for me would me the second to last number, I got muddled up with the zeros.

Monday, 24 September 2018

Words Per Minute

WALT: Analyse Data and Display Data using a Graph

Task Description: Today Room 7 Maths did a test ( Words per Minute). We had to use the data and analyse it to see the scores. Here is a chart that we made you can see the groups of numbers that shows the number of people who did that amount. We did all this on a Column graph. My score on the Words per Minute test was 15.  We used the google spreadsheet to analyse our data.

Friday, 17 August 2018

The Great, Big Rubbish Clean Up

WALT: Structure a recount

Do you think that there is any fun activity that includes rubbish? Well today we did a interesting activity, that was fun and boring at the same time. Read more to find out what kind of activity it was.

Room 7 got told we were going to pick up rubbish and I thought that sounds cool but boring because we are doing something good for the environment, and the cool part is that we will be doing it with our friends. So we all got our shoes on and sat down in the porch (in front of the classroom). We walked down to the reserve and got into our groups for picking up rubbish, we all got into groups of six or seven. In my group was Jahzara,Pisirina,Levonah,Leilani,Marika and me. Mr Goodwin told us that the group with the most rubbish will get 10 minutes of Cool Maths Games. He gave us our rubbish bags and some instructions.

He blew his whistle and everyone went racing off to try pick up as many rubbish as possible. I tried putting in moss but sadly I couldn’t put it in i got caught. I also got caught for laughing too loud at the joke Zaeeda made, Zaeeda said “ There’s a rubbish bin right there can’t we use the rubbish bag there“ I laughed as she said that. We picked up rubbish from three different locations, the first location was down at the reserve the second one was further down the reserve and our last location was the school field. As we all picked up rubbish I found a pair of white and blue jandals on the park. I asked if I could put it in but of course I couldn’t, my friends were laughing because of how many things I had picked up (I picked up a sock, a black slip-on shoe)

Everyone got called into lines in front of the library my group was in the last line. Mr Goodwin told us how the winner was going to be decided he said “ So everyone the winner will be decided by two things. The first you will be judged on will be how full your rubbish bag looks, The second thing is the judge has to look into your rubbish bag and if it looked like it had the right rubbish in it then you would win” he said. He announced that the judge would be Miss Haare she was shocked and everyone cheered “ Yay “. She looked into the first lines bag it looked full and had the right rubbish inside so did the second line and third but when it came to the fourth line they had bark inside that was not allowed. Our rubbish bag was good the judge said. We didn't win but Chance's group won.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience because it was fun and we were doing something good for the environment. I think that we did a good job cleaning up the reserve and the school field, I think that we should do this more because it is important to keep our land tidy. I recommend doing this activity although it includes rubbish it will help the way your place looks. Do you think you could make this activity a bit more fun or challenging?

Task Description: In this task I had to write a recount about picking up rubbish down at the reserve and on our very own school field. This recount had 5 paragraphs and Hope you like my recount, please leave comments below.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Edens Family of Facts 7: Bronze Medal

WALT:Solve problems with multiple elements

Task Description: In this task I had to use my timetables and division. This task is similar than my other bronze medal task about family of facts. Hope you enjoy my presentation about family of facts and please leave comments below.

Thursday, 9 August 2018

My Family of Facts 6: Bronze Medal

WALT: Solve problems with multiple elements

Task Description: In this task I had to use two strategies. The first one was multiplication, the next one was division. Hope you enjoy my presentation about family of facts.

Friday, 3 August 2018

Edens Exercise Wise

WALT:Find Relevant Information In The Text

Task Description: In this task I had to figure out what kind of exercise that makes me fit,stronger and flexible. We had to find the 3 things we do in our life that makes us more fit, stronger and flexible. Hope you enjoy.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

Edens Immersion Assembly

WALT: Use Exciting Language

Walking to the hall for school assembly everyone is all hype and excited for some reason. Lining up into our in the hall we all wonder where Mr Burt is, Mr Somerville and Mr Jacobsen started dancing to Beyonce’s song “ Move your Body “. Where do you think Mr Burt is? Read more to find out more about this story.

This term our school theme is “ Move Ya’ Body “. I think that “ Move Ya’ Body “ means to stay healthy and fit, which means we need to stay active. Another thing i think “ Move Ya’ Body means is to stay hydrated and to keep your body moving. Another way to stay healthy is to eat healthy, which means eating the right foods like vegetables and not eating a lot of sugar.

This term team four will be learning about, making fitness fun. The team four movie showed a game that the teachers made up it was called spoon hockey, the person who won was Mrs Sio and Miss Parront lost. But my favourite part of the movie was when Mr Goodwin went for a high five for all the team 4 teachers but they rejected him. I found that hilarious.

This term I would like to learn a bit more about nutrition, and a bit more about having a healthy lifestyle. Another thing that I would like to do is to decrease the amount of time we have on our chromebook. So that we may go outside a bit more and be a bit more active instead of just going outside for morning tea,lunch and Kiwi Sport.The last thing that i hope to learn about is the human body.

Overall I really like this terms theme because we get to learn about all sorts of thing about nutrition and how to be active. Hope you enjoyed my story about the Immersion Assmebly

Edens Healthy Lifestyle

WALT: Find relevant information in the text

Task Description: In this task I had to look at the lifestyle of three different people including me. I had to look and there usual schedule and find out if they are living a healthy lifestyle. Hope you enjoy.

Friday, 27 July 2018

Edens Mini Minutes Term:3

Task Description: In this presentation I had to figure out how much time was needed to get to another time. In the last question I had to figure out how much minutes would it take for the next bell to ring. Hope you enjoy.

Monday, 23 July 2018

Edens What's The Time

Walt: Build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description: In this task I had to tell the time in digital form and in written.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Talanoa DLO: Extension : By Jahzara, Pisirina, Levonah and Eden

This Movie is my Talanoa Project. The Year 5,6,7&8 Extension were very lucky to be invited to the Auckland Museum. We were spilt into different group, in my group was Jahzara, Pisirina, Levonah and Me.  Hope you enjoy the movie. Please leave comments down below for what you liked or may what you didn't like.

Monday, 25 June 2018

How Much Did He Spend

Walt: Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description: In this task we had to convert New Zealand Dollars into America Dollars.

Friday, 22 June 2018

Edens Sandwich Sizes: Silver Medal Problems

Fun Writting

Character : Wonder Woman        Setting: Mount Doom        Problem : Breaking a fingernail 

Start your writing here:

One day wonder woman was coming back from a nail salon, she had just got her nails done it looked so pretty. She saw that there was a giant mountain in front of her but she didn’t care because she was too busy looking at her nails. So she walked up the mountain and accidentally broke her fingernails on a rock “ Ahhh my nails “ she screamed like a girl because she is a girl “ Dahhh”.So she went all the way back to the nail salon and got it done once again. After that she left the salon and this time she was extra careful just in case she needed to get it done for the third time. So she went up mount Doom and then went home to Themyscira.

Task Description: In this task we were asked to fill out a form in that form we had to put in a character, a problem and a setting. After we submitted the form to Mr Goodwin he would scramble all of them up so that we can write our story. My character was Wonder woman my setting was Mount Doom and my problem was that Wonder Woman broke her fingernail.

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Perimeter Design: Silver Medal

Walt: Calculate perimeter and length of a rectangle

Task Description:

Thank you Page-viewers

Thank you to all the people who come and check out my blog. Please leave comments because I would I would like to improve. Please show friends my blog. Thank you

My Dog Photo Attribution

Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Samoan Language Week 2018

This year from the 27th of may to the 2nd of June we are celebrating Samoan language week. This year the theme is Alofa atu nei, Alofa mai taeao which means "Kindness Given, Kindness Gained".

This year as part of Samoan Language Week celebrations my family and I got to perform in front of the whole school during assembly. I got to say a speech in Samoan and then dance a traditional Samoan dance.

Samoan language week is the one week where we celebrate samoan independence. Samoan independence started on 14th June 1889. Samoan Language is important to me and my family because we are samoan. My mum and my dad are both samoan that is why we celebrate it because it is our culture. I enjoy learning new things about my culture on samoan language week.

This year I performed in front of the whole school, I did a dance (siva). Me and my sister did a speech. My speech was in samoan and my sisters was in english. Before the assembly I was very nervous to perform and my sister, aunt, cousin and mum was there so I kind of wasn’t as nervous.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience. I had a lot of fun celebrating my culture!

Please leave comments down below in the comment section.

Monday, 7 May 2018

My Holiday Narrative - The Attack of the Crocodiles

Walt:Use descriptive writing

Task Description: For this task we had to create a narrative about what we did during the holidays, and at the ending we had to write a alternative ending which is like a pick-a-path. My story is about me going to the movies, then somethings go wrong but then I have my alternative ending so you never know what might happen in my story. Comment Below if you have a idea for a pick-a-path story I should do.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Fiafia Night 2018

Hello Page viewers,
On the 12th of April Pt England School had there annual school Fiafia. Fiafia is a celebration of many different cultures,everyone in the school takes part and we get to do it in front a audience of hundred or maybe even thousands. Just to let you know that this i was in the Senior Samoan Group.
Comment Below for any Questions and if you want you can ask me which group performed. 
Photos Below:

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Goodbye Fans Post

Dear Page viewers ,
For the next 2 weeks there will be a school holiday and that means that I have to stop blogging for 2 weeks. My favourite thing from this term was doing my egg writing and pokemon card. But please still comment and keep checking my blog because I might be blogging during the next two weeks. But don't worry i'll be back soon.
Bye From Eden

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Edens Measurement Problems

Walt: Understand different measurement units

Task Description: In this task I did three problems and they were about converting cm to mm or mm to cm. Enjoy!!!

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Going to the Easter Show

On Sunday the 1st of April me and my family went to the Alexandra Park Easter show. It was a lot of fun, I got to eat toffee apples and got to go on some cool rides here are some pictures.

Here is me eating my first toffee apple

Here is a photo of me and my younger sister riding the tea cup ride

This photo is of me and my two younger sisters. This was where the farm zone was and we saw heaps of big cows and different types of rabbits.

Have a  Happy Easter Weekend

Friday, 23 February 2018

I have a new friend a egg friend

I have just had a crazy eggsperience. I have just made a little friend , a “egg friend” . Have you ever had a little egg friend.Mr Goodwin told us to wait on the mat he was reaching for something in the cupboard we all were confused. He pulled a few boxes of eggs , and a few packets of vivids we all were still confused. Mr Goodwin took out an egg and started drawing a face on it with a marker he showed us the face and we all laughed he then asked for a name to name the egg and he choose Marika to pick and she said “ Bob “. After Marika said that the class went crazy we were rolling on the floor laughing ( ROTFL). We lined up outside ready to go on a adventure with our buddy, i held mine with two hands being very careful. We  walked past the seniors and showed our wonderful eggs. As we were walking we cradled our eggs with two hands. At times some people were being very careful with there egg but others didn't care and threw it up and caught without thinking about the risks. “ I wonder what crazy thing Mr Goodwin is going to make us kids do with our egg this time “.We got to the park and we had to get into groups of 4-5 . In my group was Sonnia, Chance, Trinity and of course me . We had to take a photo then after that you got to take your little buddy on a tour throughout the park. Some boys were unlucky and smushed there eggs. But I was being very careful with my little Shelly.I recommend that you should try this wacky activity.

Task Description: In this task Mr Goodwin made Room 7 literacy draw faces on eggs if you want to here more about this weird activity read the story above the text

About my group

A Polluted Future

Friday, 9 February 2018

What's The time: Bronze Medal

Build a stronger knowledge base around time

Task Description:
Mr Goodwin told us that after we finished our first presentation based around time we had to collect three more medals which was Bronze, Silver and Gold. Hope you enjoy my Bronze medal presentation

A Normal day in the life of Eden

Build a stronger knowledge base around time.

Task Description: 
In this presentation it shows a normal timetable in the life of me and I got the Bronze Medal