Thursday, 7 December 2017

Ambassador Application Blog Post

This is a drawing that I'm proud of and I think it shows Learn, Create and Share. I did this in term 1 and it shows to Reduce, Reuse and recycle.

1. Learn : I learnt that we have to be more careful about where our rubbish ends up. Pollution is one of the consequences if we put our rubbish in the bin

2. Create : I was so happy that I got to create a google drawing for my environment poster. I am very proud of it and it is why I am putting it as my blog post for the Ambassador Application

3. Share : I am proud to share this blog post and I think it shows a lot of facts.

There you go you can see that I Learned, Created and Shared with this google drawing

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Hour of Code

Click this link to go to the coding game I went on which was called Dream Sequence
Here is another link that takes you to do website where there are more coding games

Today Room 9\10 were lucky enough to have two visitors from OMGtech and since this week is Hour of Code week we got to do coding all Morning. If you want to do some coding click the link above there is also a link to what coding game I went on ( It was called Dream Sequence.