Thursday, 6 December 2018

Term 4 Reflection for Extension

This term was a very fun term.The highlights for this term would be when we did 3D printing with 3D pens,it was so so cool when using the pens.Another I enjoyed was finding out what types of art famous art Vincent Van Gogh and Pablo Ruiz Picasso did.The types of art the both did are Post-Impression.One other thing I liked this term was doing Secret Santa,we did secret santa this term and i got Levonah.I got her a packet of M&M’s and the person who got me was Zaeeda she got me a box of roses.This term we also got to watch our movie at the Manaiakalani film festival,our movie was JumanG.I it was about the movie Jumanji but G.I style (Glen Innes style).In the movie I played a teacher back in the day I wore my grandmas close to try look the part.I like this term a lot it has been a lot of fun and hope that I’ll be in Extension next year.

Inquiry Research for Term 4

Task Description:
In this presentation shows you all the research me and the Art historians did.My work was based on on what art famous artist did.My group was the Art Historians with Jahzara,Simon and Madison.We were focusing on the history of art.