Saturday, 12 January 2019

SLJ W1 Activty 1 : Fantastic Beasts

Day 3 : Awesome Animals
This is my fantastic beast it is a wolf with gazelle horns and a fin and fish gills.I hope you like it please leave a comment down below.


  1. Talofa lava and Mālō e lelei Eden!
    I really liked the drawing you did for your beast, it looks quite cute! :0)
    You did a good description of your beast psychical characteristics however, I also need you to describe it using adjectives. Perhaps you can write about your beast special powers or personality? In order for you to gain full points for this activity I will need you to add more details about your beast and make sure to use adjective words in that description, could you do that an let me know by replying to this comment? That would be really wonderful.
    keep up with the great work and be amazing!
    Kia kaha,

  2. Kia Ora Eden ,

    Great job Eden! I'm glad to see you are participating in the Summer Learning Journey program. Your wolf drawing amazing! It looks just like you have wrote it out. I have never seen a wolf with horns or fin and fish gills. You are very creative! What inspired you to create this amazing drawing of your wolf? Also what is your wolfs name? I would name him Wolfie? I'm not so great at naming things but sometimes I can come up with great names! Anyways , you are doing a fantastic job at summer blogging! Keep up the great work.

    Cheers ,
    Leilani :)

  3. Hi Eden...great to see you blogging on the SLJ. There's still some time to complete the activities before school begins - how many more can you get done? Keep up the great work.

  4. HI Eden

    Love how much work you put into these activities. You really take the summer learning journey seriously I can't wait to see more. I also can't wait to see you in February anyways I like how you have combined different animals together us see it look well drawn and I couldn't come up with a better way for it to look.

    Your Truly