Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Samoan Language Week 2018

This year from the 27th of may to the 2nd of June we are celebrating Samoan language week. This year the theme is Alofa atu nei, Alofa mai taeao which means "Kindness Given, Kindness Gained".

This year as part of Samoan Language Week celebrations my family and I got to perform in front of the whole school during assembly. I got to say a speech in Samoan and then dance a traditional Samoan dance.

Samoan language week is the one week where we celebrate samoan independence. Samoan independence started on 14th June 1889. Samoan Language is important to me and my family because we are samoan. My mum and my dad are both samoan that is why we celebrate it because it is our culture. I enjoy learning new things about my culture on samoan language week.

This year I performed in front of the whole school, I did a dance (siva). Me and my sister did a speech. My speech was in samoan and my sisters was in english. Before the assembly I was very nervous to perform and my sister, aunt, cousin and mum was there so I kind of wasn’t as nervous.

Overall I really enjoyed this experience. I had a lot of fun celebrating my culture!

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  1. Talofa Eden,
    Maló lava on creating this wonderful digital resource about our beautiful Samoan culture. Continue to learn all you can from your nana, mama, papa and of course papa in heaven.
    Alofa tele atu