Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Maui and the sun

Long ago there was a man and four brothers.The man's name was Maui. The flaming sun was moving fast in the morning and slow at night. Maui told his brothers we shall capture that burning sun and make him move more slowly.The brothers laughed with laughter. The brothers said, "that is not possible." The brothers made flax ropes to capture that flaming sun.Once they had finished making the flax ropes they hid under the enormous rocks. I will shout a signal 1,2,3, now! The Brothers raced to the sun and threw the ropes around the sun.The brothers held the ropes tightly. Maui beat the sun up many times.The sun said, "stop!! You are going to kill me. Finally  the brothers and  Maui had plenty of time to fish,hunt and eat there food. 

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