Friday, 4 September 2015

Fire Fighter David

If you want to be a firefighter you have to fill out a long form and do all kinds of tests. When you are in the physical test you will have to carry a dummy for (30 meters). It takes about two months to fill the form.You also have to carry a  big heavy tank around your back. In the test you will have to do a lot of activities and lift a lot of things. So when you are doing the test you have to concentrate a  lot. In the test it involves  a lot of hard work and exercise so do a lot of running and lifting weights.

Firefighters respond to emergency calls in a variety of ways. When a baby is locked in a car and the keys are in the boot. The firefighter tries to figure out a smart ways to get a baby out of the car. A firefighter can also do a lot of important jobs like save people from a fire. Firefighters can help you in a car crash too.

Fire trucks are like a moving tool box.Fire trucks also carry big long pickaxe to smash the doors and save the people stuck in a fire. A fire truck also carries a ladder just in case a cat or a person is stuck in a hotel or in a tree.When there is a fire the firefighters come to house and rescue the people with their hoses.In the fire truck there is first aid kits for people that have been injured.People  know that the fire truck is coming because of there sirens.So when the fire fighters come  to save you I a fire you will see the fire fighters wearing a mask it will be called a gas mask.

I would like to be a firefighter because  you get visit other schools and teach the children all about the job and all the physical tests.

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