Monday, 10 April 2017

My Reflection of the Year 5\6 Camp

Our First Rotation on Day 1 was Youthtown in Room 6,7&8, we played 2 games Buddy’s Up and Dodgeball. Next we went to Killer Zone and as soon as we got there we all saw buncha balloons tennis balls and catapults , we were all cold, nervous and excited all at the same time. We then walked to the beach to do kayaking and as soon as we got there we saw Mr Burt and some other  helpers all ready to help us kayak.

My favourite part about camp was going to  Moana a nui kiwa pools. It was my highlight because there was a big slide and there was also a cool fountain where everyone wanted to sit. My other highlight of year 5\6 camp was the Camp Concert and how we
got to sleep in tents outside I was hard but it was cool.

I learnt how to kayak properly. I think that camp was a really cool way to bond for the year 5\6 together. I also think that Camp was also cool because of the all the games.

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