Friday, 22 June 2018

Fun Writting

Character : Wonder Woman        Setting: Mount Doom        Problem : Breaking a fingernail 

Start your writing here:

One day wonder woman was coming back from a nail salon, she had just got her nails done it looked so pretty. She saw that there was a giant mountain in front of her but she didn’t care because she was too busy looking at her nails. So she walked up the mountain and accidentally broke her fingernails on a rock “ Ahhh my nails “ she screamed like a girl because she is a girl “ Dahhh”.So she went all the way back to the nail salon and got it done once again. After that she left the salon and this time she was extra careful just in case she needed to get it done for the third time. So she went up mount Doom and then went home to Themyscira.

Task Description: In this task we were asked to fill out a form in that form we had to put in a character, a problem and a setting. After we submitted the form to Mr Goodwin he would scramble all of them up so that we can write our story. My character was Wonder woman my setting was Mount Doom and my problem was that Wonder Woman broke her fingernail.

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