Friday, 15 February 2019

1st Week Of School For 2019

This year I am a year 7 and am in Room 3 with Mrs Tele'a for Home-Class,Literacy and for Maths I am in Mrs Stone's Maths class.This week is our first week back at school and we all are extremely excited.On the first day after assembly we got a welcome from the new year 8's they did a waiata (song) and one of the prefects did a karakia (prayer) next we were introduced to the team 5 teachers.We got to find about there backgrounds and what they enjoy to do ,then we got a few notices and rules about how the team 5 block works.Next we were sent off to our Home-Classes to do the roll, during the whole day we began to do a plan for our visual mihi art.Throughout the week we got to spend some time with our literacy and maths teacher.
Thank you for reading my view of the first week of school

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